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A modern and leightweight homepage for your server

Homarr is a simple and modern homepage for your server, that helps you access all of your services in one place. It integrates with the services you use to display useful information or control them. It's easy to install and supports many different devices.

Simple and modern user interface

homarr showcase gif

Features of Homarr

Modern and Simple Design

Homarr has a simple yet modern design for organizing your services at a central place.

Integrate existing services easily

Homarr let's you integrate your existing services and applications easily and quick. Integrations can be tailored and configured to your needs.

Open Source and active community

Homarr is open source and licensed under MIT. Users are welcome to contribute or sugest improvements 💪

Here's what our community says 🙌

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Maeglinon Twitter

Day 49/100 set up Homarr just for a test spin. It's a nice dashboard and the Arrs integration especialy the calendar is awesome.

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IBRACORPon Youtube

Homarr Is Here To Stay. Here's Why | Selfhosted Homepage

Anyone using homarr? check it out, its pretty fancy...

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u/RoachedCoachon r/unRAID on Reddit

I enjoy Homarr - mostly because it's very simple, straightforward, and attractive.

My Homarr setup

Let us know what you think of Homarr. Send us your honest feedback and we'll include it in this page!